From Seed to Season - How to Grow as a New Young Audience Presenter

From Seed to Season is a resource –– a working document –– developed by Joanne Churchill to help grow and nurture volunteers in rural, remote and underserved communities across Ontario as they journey through the various tasks necessary for developing a presenting series for young audiences in their community. 

This guide will share insight on the roles and responsibilities of a presenter, its role in the community, the value and impact of live performances on a child audience, in addition to topics including community engagement; equity, diversity, inclusion; planning for the future and evaluation processes. The core of the document will offer presenters key strategies pertaining to leadership, team-building, securing financial stability, audience building, programming, venue and technical elements, marketing, and front of house that will form the building blocks for a new young audience series. 

This guide has been generously funded by The Department of Canadian Heritage and facilitated through Ontario Presents. 

Download the guide here 

Looking for a specific piece of information? This User Manual highlights key elements of each chapter so presenters can easily navigate throughout the document and then access information that is pertinent to their specific level of experience and need.

Download the user manual here

As a companion to this digital document, Ontario Presents will be offering the following 3 continuing learning sessions (pre-registration will be required):