Continuing Learning Sessions for “From Seed to Season”

Ontario Presents is thrilled to be sharing with the wider cultural community an exciting new digital document titled “From Seed to Season: How to Grow as a New Young Audience Presenter” that aims to support new and emerging community-based young audience presenters in rural, remote and underserved communities.

The document is meant to be a useful toolkit or resource library that offers meaningful information, practical resources, and additional interactive links concerning the various benchmarks required to build, nurture and sustain a thriving performing arts series.

We encourage you to share this digital document throughout your various networks so it can find its way into the hands of community volunteers who may need support as they begin the presenting journey of connecting young audiences with professional performing artists.  

Click here to access “From Seed to Season”.

As a companion to this digital document, Ontario Presents offered the following 3 continuing learning sessions in winter of 2024: 

If you or anyone in your network of community groups, volunteers, or cultural activators are interested in more information, or want to build or revitalize a presenting series/organization in their community, please contact Joanne Churchill, Special Projects Consultant, Ontario Presents

This initiative has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada, Department of Canadian Heritage


All the best,

Joanne Churchill

Special Projects Consultant 

Ontario Presents