Webinar Series

“The webinar format is excellent - no long drives to a meeting!!!”

Ontario Presents and Atlantic Presenters Association launched their “Webinar Series for Arts Presenting” in November 2014, with support from the Department of Canadian Heritage. The series was designed to provide performing arts presenters with quality professional development.

Over 50 webinars have been offered since 2014, on topics ranging from budgets and marketing to volutneer managemenet and inclusivity. All past webinars have been recorded and are freely available below or in our Resource Centre.

Who should participate?

The series is designed to help volunteer to mid-size presenters access quality professional development. There is no fee to participate. The series is customised to presenters’ needs and interests and is meant to be interactive. Participants are able to provide input and ask questions by email or survey in advance as well as in real time via chat in a friendly, non-intimidating learning environment.

“Keep these webinars coming. I am enjoying them all. It is hard when you are in a small town to have access to these kind of seminars. Thank you for presenting them.”

There is no cost to participate. All you need is a phone line, computer and a high speed internet connection. Participants may join our virtual classroom by accessing a video stream of the webinar online and the audio feed by teleconference.

“[Adobe webinar platform] is an excellent tool. Makes participation much easier, since you can do it from any location with a phone or internet connection.”