Resource List: Indigenous Art and Artists

This list of resources was put together by Ontario Presents and SPARC, with consultation from Cynthia Lickers-Sage (IPAA) and Clayton Windatt (Aboriginal Curatorial Collective).

The resources below focus on art and artists. Additional lists are also available on the topics of:

Resource List: Art & Artists

Aboriginal Curatorial Collective
An Indigenous arts organization that advocates, activates, and engages on behalf of Canadian and international Indigenous curators, critics, artists and representatives of arts and cultural organizations.

Canadian Roots Exchange (CRE)
A national youth-led organization that provides Inidgenous based leadership, learning and reconciliation experiences to youth. 

The world’s largest presenter of Indigenous screen content, with a festival, tour, iNstitute and year-round initiatives showcase. 

Indigenous Body of Work
A living list of Indigenous-led works.

Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance (IPAA)
IPAA provides leadership, support, representation, advocacy, and practical assistance for the national development of Indigenous performing arts.

Kaha:wi Dance Theatre 
A theatrical dance company that supports research, creation, production and dissemination of Indigenous work.

Muskrat Magazine
An online Indigenous arts and culture magazine.

National Indigenous Media Arts Coalition
NIMAC’s mandate is to “support, promote, and advocate for Indigenous media artists and arts organizations within the context of Canadian media arts practices”. They run residencies, commission projects, host a resource section on their website, provide training programs, and advocate for equitable opportunities for Indigenous media artists.

Native Earth Performing Arts
Canada’s oldest professional Indigenous theatre company. In addition to producing theatre, dance and multi-disciplinary art, Native Earth supports artists through new script development, apprenticeships and internships.

Native Women in the Arts
A leading arts organizations for women and other gender marginalized Indigenous artists.

OP Indigenous Artist Spotlight Series
A collection of interviews with Indigenous artists about their artistic work. 

Red Sky Performance
A leading company of contemporary Indigenous performance

While it is impossible to have a comprehensive list of Reconciliation resources, we hope that this will be a starting place for those looking to learn more about the history of Indigenous people in their area, and about building reciprocal relationships with Indigenous communities, people, and artists. It is a living list, and will be updated as we come across new resources. If you would like to suggest a resource, we welcome you to email