Pacific Legal Education & Outreach Society (PLEO)

Pacific Legal Education & Outreach Society (PLEO) is a BC-based society that creates legal tools and resources for artists and non-profits to prevent legal issues before they happen. PLEO is also leading an initiative titled the National Network of Legal Clinics for the Arts

In the Fall of 2021, PLEO will be launching Canada’s first pilot legal clinic for BC and Yukon non-profits alongside a Legal Self Assessment tool to help societies navigate their legal compliance in a simple, accessible way. In addition, they also offer an Artists’ Legal Outreach pro bono clinic twice a month where artists can meet with a lawyer to receive summary legal advice about contracts, copyright, amongst other things! While PLEO’s resources are related to BC legal information, many of the tools are largely applicable to other jurisdictions, and when not applicable, PLEO can point you in the right direction to resources in your area.  

The National Network is a nationwide initiative that will establish legal hubs across Canada to provide legal information, education and summary advice. These hubs will address existing gaps in legal resources from coast to coast to coast so that artists may be empowered in their rights.  

Information about PLEO’s initiatives and resources can all be found on our website here: 

The National Network website can be found here: