OP Board of Directors - Community Announcement

Text on a blue background. The Ontario Presents logo is on the right side of the image. Text reads: Update from the Ontario Presents Board of Directors.

For more than two decades, Ontario Presents has been proud to host an annual conference that serves as a cornerstone event, uniting our community through enriching showcasing and networking opportunities. Originally established as the Ontario Contact program, and now known as Contact ONTour, this initiative has been instrumental in fostering connections within our industry

As our community emerged from the pandemic, both calls for a format change to the program and escalating production costs for the conference compelled Ontario Presents to reconsider the future of the Contact ONTour program. To ensure thoughtful deliberation, a committee comprising board members and industry professionals was convened to explore potential pathways forward.

Through extensive conversations and consultations with provincial presenters, national agents, artists, and other stakeholders, it became evident that the existing format of Contact ONTour no longer fully aligned with the evolving needs of the majority of our sector. There was a clear consensus that a shift towards more inclusive, accessible, eco-conscious, and community-focused networking and showcasing approaches was imperative.

Therefore, after careful consideration and under the guidance of the board, Ontario Presents has decided to retire the Contact ONTour program. While we acknowledge that this news may disappoint some long-standing members, we urge everyone to recognize it as a necessary step in safeguarding the financial health of our organization and prioritizing the needs of our communities.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all those who have contributed to or participated in Ontario Contact/Contact ONTour over the years. Your dedication has been invaluable in shaping our community and fostering meaningful connections within the performing arts sector.

Although Contact ONTour may be coming to a close, Ontario Presents remains steadfast in our commitment to facilitating networking opportunities, showcasing, and relationship-building within the sector. This fall, we will once again offer a diverse array of virtual showcase and networking opportunities, building upon the positive feedback received for this online format.

Furthermore, we are actively exploring alternative avenues to foster collaboration and community engagement. Our programming decisions will be guided by the evolving needs of the performing arts sector, the resources available, and our unwavering commitment to nurturing meaningful relationships.

We invite everyone to stay engaged with us as we embark on this journey of innovation and progress. Together, we will continue to shape a vibrant and resilient arts ecosystem that benefits all.