Call for Applicants: Engagement Microgrants for Community Presenters

Ontario Presents is pleased to announce that, with funds from the Department of Canadian Heritage, we are now offering a limited number of small grants to presenters who wish to partner with a local artist to craft a project that will engage the community with the performing arts. 

About the Project:

Ontario Presents has been working hard to support our community of presenters through this difficult time of COVID-19 shutdowns. While we recognize that there is a long road ahead to a return to large gatherings, we want to work with presenters and artists to find ways to bring audiences together to celebrate, enjoy, and be moved by the performing arts. This crisis is an important moment in which the arts can play a key role in bringing communities back together and celebrating creativity after so much isolation.

We know that in unprecedented times, it is artists who find creative ways to bring people together. In that light, with funds from the Department of Canadian Heritage, Ontario Presents will be offering small grants to presenters who wish to partner with a local artist to craft a project that will engage the community with the performing arts.

These projects will look different in every community, but we are looking for proposals that:

  • Engage a professional artist who primarily resides in your community
  • Use a community-engaged approach to connect community members with the performing arts (for resources and inspiration on community engagement, visit
  • Take place between August 2020 and March 2021. All projects must follow local health guidelines.

Projects may take place anytime before March 2021. Artists should be involved in crafting the projects from the earliest stages.

Available Funds:

A limited number of $5000 grants are available. 100% of these funds must go directly to artist fees. Presenters are expected to show contribution to the project (for example, logistical support, staff time, promotion) and will be expected to provide a final report.

Participating presenters will be invited to take part in a community of practice on the topic of community engagement, which will provide opportunities to learn from specialists and fellow participants.


Applications are open to any not-for-profit, small-hall, community presenters (volunteer or professional) in Ontario. Applicants do not need to be members of Ontario Presents, nor must they be venue-based. Please note that this program is intended for rural/remote communities - presenters must be not be located in the GTA or other urban centre.

If we receive more applications than grants available, applications will be assessed based on how closely the intent of the proposed project aligns with the desired outcome of connecting your community with the performing arts. Geographic distribution across the province will also be considered.

To Apply:

Interested applicants are invited to contact to discuss eligibility and receive a short application form. Applications are due by 5pm on Friday, August 21st, 2020. 

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