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Our members share a common responsibility to work together for mutual growth and the betterment of the sector. We encourage you to read about our network and chat with our Communications Coordinator Kiera before applying for membership. You can reach Kiera here.

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Our online application will allow you to pay online, or request an invoice and pay later online or by cheque. We recommend that you request an invoice and refrain from paying your fee until your membership application has been approved.

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Network Contributions

The below costs are for one year, paid annually. These fees allow us to support our network and continue to work for the development of the arts presenting sector in Ontario. Please note that as of April 2nd, 2024 membership fees at Ontario Presents have increased. Click here to see a full chart of fee changes and how it will affect your membership. 

Note: Industry and Presenter memberships include 3-5 associate members. The Bundle Administrator is responsible for managing the organizations’ renewal and adding or changing participants in the bundle.

Presenter and Consortia

An organization where the designated representative, paid or unpaid, is directly responsible for cultural programming and/or facility management in a community arts centre.

Presenter and Consortia membership levels are tiered, based on organization’s total annual operating budget as follows:

  • Volunteer Presenter* - $50.00
  • Under $100K - $200.00
  • $100K - $450K - $300.00
  • $450K to $2MM - $400.00
  • Over $2MM - $550.00

*Volunteer-run organization is an either incorporated or non-incorporated entity that is operated by volunteer non-paid staff or board members.

Industry A - Artist Management: $175

An artist representative, agency, or management whose main objectives are the representation of artists to the live, performing arts, presenting field.

Industry B – Arts Business Consultant / Service Provider: $175

Artist: $50

Supporter: $35

An organization or individual not defined in other categories but who is supportive of the aims and objectives of Ontario Presents.

Student: $25

Questions? Contact our Communications Coordinator Kiera here.