ONtour April/May

Each year, Ontario Presents presenting members actively participate in the block booking program to develop tours that will travel to their communities across Ontario. The tours incorporate many disciplines of the performing arts including contemporary dance, comedy, young audience, theatre and music. 

This April and May, more than 10 communities will experience high quality performances by Canadian and International artists booked from the Ontario Presents Block Booking Program.

Just for Laughs

Just For Laughs is bringing their funniest alumni to our members this April! Michael Kosta hosts an evening of comedy featuring stand-up favourites Yannis Pappas, K. Trevor Wilson and Sabrina Jalees.



The very different worlds of three clowns collide in a boisterous and unique performance about human relationships. Unsure about letting their guards down at first, the clowns build a rapport around what they hold most dear: playfulness, a love of life and imagination. TerZettto promises to engage students through scenes crafted with humour and creative flair.

The Quebec-based L’Aubergine theatre company was founded in 1974 and has since carved out a unique niche by specializing in clowning theatre performances; to date they have produced over 50 creations.



In the play “Jabber”, appearances and judgments based on those appearances are challenged. Some of those judgments arise out of our images of the Middle East, some arise out of our image of working class, teenage boys. All are filtered through the  particular cultural laboratory of our schools where people of all  histories and backgrounds are thrown together. And, where young people of all kinds must learn about what they believe in and how far they are willing to go to defend those beliefs. 


Little Yarn Stories

Welcome to a fantastical world of yarn - a world in which yarn is moving, alive and transforming. In this charming puppet theatre performance, tapestry is woven, fiber is spun and wool skeins are twisted into quirky and fun characters that come alive before your eyes.


Immortal Chi 

Prepare your senses for adrenaline-packed stunts, traditional weaponry and  incredible feats of human endurance. A spectacular new fusion of Chinese martial arts  and jaw-dropping acrobatics, accompanied by an all-female percussion ensemble. Don’t miss  this compelling story about a Tai-Chi master and his ultimate challenge to regain his inner life. 


Backstage Pass - An Evening with Moe Berg, Chris Murphy, Craig Northey and Steven Page

MOE BERG (Pursuit of Happiness), CHRIS MURPHY (Sloan), CRAIG NORTHEY (Odds) and STEVEN PAGE (formerly of Barenaked Ladies) join forces to perform their hit songs and share road stories about their days during one of the most transformative eras in Canadian music.  The performance gives audiences the opportunity to see four of Canada’s most successful and witty musical front men sharing stories, songs and laughter.


Cecilia Strong Quartet

Formed in 2004, the Cecilia String Quartet (CSQ) is the current Ensemble-in-Residence at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music. Hailed for their ‘powerful’ (Chicago Sun-Times) and ‘dauntingly perfect’ (Berliner Zeitung) performances, the CSQ perform for leading presenters in North America and Europe. Prize-winners at several international competitions, including Osaka (2008) and Bordeaux (2010), they were awarded First Prize at the 2010 Banff International String Quartet Competition, where they also won the prize for the best performance of commissioned work.


Tanya Tagaq - Nanook of the North

This passionate 2014 Polaris Music Prize-winning Inuit throat singer fuses electronic and contemporary influences with traditional culture. Tagaq has reclaimed the controversial 1922 silent film Nanook of the North. She transforms the images by employing exquisite improvisations and traditional sounds that add tremendous feeling and depth. This compelling mix turns racially-charged clichés into beautiful representations.