Meet the Artist: Kate Kamo McHugh

The Meet The Artist series highlights amazing and talented performing arts professionals from diverse backgrounds. 

 Screenshot of Kate Kamo McHugh, sitting on a white couch during a video interview.

We’re back with this month’s featured artist. We encourage you to watch these videos with an open mind, and to remember that starting a relationship with an artist can be something smaller than a mainstage show such as inviting them to lead a workshop, sit on a panel, or collaborate with an artist local to you.

This month we invite you to meet featured artist Kate Kamo McHugh. A dance and theatre artist from Kitchener, Kate has shared a short video with us about her current work in progress, Twenty Grains of Rice: Seeds of Reclamation, which is an exploration of her Japanese Canadian identity, incorporating a variety of artistic elements such as dance, improvised music, text and digital art. Follow the link below for this 3-minute introduction to the project!

Kate is part of Gathering Knowledge, Sharing Voices: Touring in the New Normala learning community for IBPOC dance and theatre artists. This project was designed to give participating artists a chance to build their knowledge and skills around touring and being presented.

Watch the video here!