Annual Report 2021-2022

Ontario Presents Annual Report 2021-2022

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A Letter from the President

I recently realized that I did not make an entry in my Covid diary in weeks. It’s tempting to jump back into live events and crowds gathering again and pretend the past two years didn’t happen. But if we do that, we miss the chance to embrace the gratitude and growth that comes from considering the network of colleagues and friends who have supported us through everything that has changed in our lives and our professional practice.

This year we celebrate a return to our work and hopefully, we also make time to explore the possibilities we’ve been talking about. Let’s not lose sight of all those exciting conversations we’ve had over zoom about how we apply what we’ve learned during all this to transform what we do and how we do it.

This annual report is being presented as we gather once again in person. It is a perfect chance to renew our relationships and have some of those big idea conversations so that when we return to our work and our communities, we do it from a place of learning and continuous improvement. 

I am proud to acknowledge an organization, its members, and an entire industry that has made it through what I believe (and hope) will be the most challenging of circumstances in our lifetime. The pressures of all the changes, losses, and uncertainty have taken their toll on many of our presenting, artist, and agent members.

I am in awe of the staff at Ontario Presents. Under the leadership of Judy Harquail and Terri Lynn Brennan this past year, the entire team has continued to support our members and the industry at large. They have supported our existing programs and delivered new ones all while continuing to innovate in how they support our industry.

I want to thank our board members who have been very busy this year handling many challenges and initiatives. Their hard work and commitment to our organization and our network of members have been critical to our ability to weather the challenges we have faced. I also want to thank our funding partners for everything they have done to support our work. These past two years have shone a light on how essential they are to our industry. They responded to these challenges with new programs and supplemental funding. They listened to our needs and even took the opportunity to help us develop new audiences and new approaches to our work. In delivering that funding, we’ve seen the passion for our work and genuine support by the people who make these programs a reality.

To sum up, I’m thankful. And I’m excited about the future we can start to build together.

Glenn Brown
Board President, Ontario Presents

Theatre Manager,
Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts,